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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting WA Gutter Suckers, before booking a job, please view our terms and conditions below to make sure this service is right for you.

  • 1.0 While cleaning your gutters, excessively full gutters, large roofs or gutter guard will not be included in the standard charge and will incur an additional fee and will depend on a visual site inspection and any increase in price will be advised BEFORE we proceed. For single story 3 by 1 properties, the standard rate $200 + GST includes 1.0 hour of machine time. Every 15 minutes, after this will incur a $22.72 + GST charge. For single story 4 by 2 properties $250+GST includes 1.5 hours of machine time. Every 15 minutes, after this will incur a $22.72 + GST charge.
  • 1.1 If you decide to not have all your gutters done once we arrive, you will still be billed for the full gutter cleaning charge.
  • 1.2 When cleaning your gutters, a small amount of mud and debris can get left behind as residue, particularly in tight corners or tile/sheet overlaps. We clean the gutters out thoroughly and run the gutter vac over every gutter taking photos, but this isn’t a gutter detail, it’s designed to clean the gutters out to prevent blockages and leaks.
  • 1.3 From time to time, WA Gutter Suckers may have to climb and work from the roof, whilst this not what we wish to do it may be necessary to clean some gutters the gutter between a patio and home.
  • 1.4 If a gutter accidentally gets missed or another service based issue arises, we will send someone back to rectify the issue free of charge, we do not normally provide a refund and this will be provided at our discretion, if you resolve the issue by yourself or with another contractor without allowing us to view the problem first, no refund or free rectification will be issued.
  • 1.5 If your roof is covered in debris, WA Gutter Suckers will include cleaning approximately half a metre of roofline along the edge of the gutter system, cleaning your roof off is a separate job that will require a separate quote. Please note the debris from your roof can wash down into your gutters in future rains.
  • 1.6 WA Gutter Suckers accepts no responsibility for storm water damage, overflows or leaks to the property, we clean your gutters to the best of our ability, this is not a leak guaranteed service.
  • 1.7 If your property has gutter guard, our standard price includes cleaning over the top of the gutter guard. To remove the gutter guard clean underneath it and then reinstall it will incur an additional charge. Please note if you have permanent bolted down gutter guard this will be a substantial extra charge.
  • 1.8 If your property has an alfresco, patio or granny flat, cleaning these will be an additional charge to the standard rate which only includes your primary house gutters.
  • 1.9 If your gutters are rusted or damaged WA Gutter Suckers accepts no responsibility for any corroded elements being sucked up along with dirt and debris.
  • 1.10 If WA Gutter Suckers damages your property, we will endeavour to repair your property promptly and in a reasonable manner, however, please note this will be at the discretion of the insurance company.

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