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5 Misconceptions About Gutter Cleaning

Misconceptions About Gutter Cleaning

We understand why any homeowner would forget about gutter cleaning. Let’s be honest. Most of us think about our gutters when it’s pouring heavily and water’s collecting around the house. Some might think that it’s too expensive to hire professionals. Others might believe that gutter guards eliminate the need for cleaning.

However, we’ve put together this article to debunk the common misconceptions most people might have about gutter cleaning. Let us enlighten you about the importance of making this a part of your regular home maintenance procedures.

Misconception 1: You Should Only Clean Gutters if You have Trees

It’s natural to think that gutter cleaning is only necessary for houses with surrounding trees. However, leaves are not the only elements that can clog gutters. The wind can carry dirt and debris that may gather in the drain spouts.  

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, cleaning gutters regularly can prevent water damage to homes. Moreover, you’re protecting your basement from flooding by directing rainwater to where it’s supposed to be.

Misconception 2: You Don’t Need Cleaning Because You Have Gutter Guards

Many homeowners install guards to prevent debris from getting into their gutters. In reality, gutter guards are not foolproof. Eventually, the smaller debris and particles will clog the gutters. Besides, gutter guards make cleaning more challenging. It can be harder to remove the debris, especially since it gets trapped inside the gutters.

Misconception 3: You’re Making a Wise Choice with DIY Gutter Cleaning

It may seem like you’re saving money when you clean your gutters. However, the truth is that going on the DIY path is dangerous, challenging, and time-consuming. 

To reach your gutters, you’d have to climb a ladder. Keep in mind that one wrong step can lead to fatal falls. Over 500,000 ladder-related injuries are treated every year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Besides, DIY gutter cleaning can be time-consuming, especially when you don’t have the right tools and skills. So, if you want to prevent injuries and save time, your best bet is to hire a professional gutter cleaning service in Perth.

Misconception 4: You Save Money with DIY Gutter Cleaning

Most homeowners would opt to clean their gutters on their own to save money. However, choosing this option would cost more in the long run, especially when you don’t have the skills and tools needed for the job. 

If you have no experience cleaning gutters, you may miss essential spots. Eventually, the clogging will cause damage that would need costly repairs. According to HiPages, you can spend somewhere between $1,900 to $3,000 on gutter replacement. 

You can avoid these costly repairs by ensuring that your gutters will be cleaned thoroughly. Of course, you can do that by hiring professionals.

Misconception 5: You Only Need to Remove Debris When Cleaning Your Gutters

Of course, getting rid of dirt and debris is a crucial part of gutter cleaning. However, that is not the only task involved. You must also check for damage, leaks, and other problems that may require repairs.

If you are not experienced in inspecting gutters, you might neglect issues. Eventually, these problems can become significant damage that may require costly repairs. 

Hire Professional Gutter Cleaners

Gutter cleaning is important in protecting your home from water damage. However, it is equally critical to find professionals who will do the job thoroughly. You need someone who has the proper knowledge, skills, and tools in caring for gutters safely and efficiently.

If you want to get the most out of your money, contact WA Gutter Suckers today.