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10 Issues That Will Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Issues When You Don't Clean Gutters

We won’t deny that gutter cleaning is a tedious chore most of us avoid. You’d have to climb up a ladder and do the dirty work. However, it is a crucial maintenance procedure you should do at least twice a year.

Why is it important to clean your gutters? Well, here are some of the issues that could happen if you neglect to do it:

1. Basement Flooding

Do you have a basement? If so, you should clear debris and dirt in your gutters to avoid clogging. Otherwise, the water will overflow, run to the sides of your home, and eventually flood your basement.

2. Structural Damage

When you have clogged gutters, the water from the roof will not drain properly. Over time, it will penetrate your home’s structure and seep into the drywall joints. Structural damage on the floors, ceiling, and walls will become evident.

3. Cracked Driveway

Water will also flow directly on your driveway and under the flooring. Eventually, shifting, holes, and cracks will develop. Of course, damage to your driveway can be a trip hazard or a cause of driving accidents.

4. Wood Rot

If your gutters are attached to any wooden fixture, you should always pay attention to cleaning them. Otherwise, the timber will rot and may eventually damage the entire gutter system.

5. Pest Infestation

Gutters overflowing with debris and leaves often attract pests like mice, mosquitoes, and even squirrels. Of course, they won’t stay outside your home. Over time, they will find their way into your house and infest your walls and foundation. Indeed, regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of pest control in the home.

6. Landscaping Damage

If you experience heavy rain, the water will flow out of your clogged gutters and run over your landscaping. The excessive water will severely damage your shrubs, flowers, mulch, and trees.

7. Mould Growth

When water starts collecting inside your walls, you’ll have the perfect environment for mould growth. Imagine what that would do to family members with a low immune system or those suffering from allergies.

8. Accidents

Clogged gutters can also increase the risk of accidents. Tree trimmings may fall, causing severe injuries to anyone in the way. If you have pets or children who love to play outside, you should clean your gutters regularly.

9. Siding Stains

Leaves, dirt and other organic materials in the clogged gutter will eventually cause staining on a home’s exteriors. Imagine how that would affect the kerb appeal of your entire property. If you keep neglecting this maintenance procedure, your house will look like a set from a horror movie over time. 

10. Roof Damage

Clogged gutters and drains can collect standing water, damaging your roof. Remember that shingles will deteriorate first. Saturated shingles can damage the roof deck. Of course, if you don’t address this problem immediately, water will find its way into your insulation.

Hire Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

When you don’t clean your gutters, you can expect financial consequences, accidents, and damage. We understand how tedious the process can be. Moreover, it can even be dangerous, especially since you need to climb the ladder.

So, your best and safest bet is to hire a professional gutter cleaning service. Gutter Suckers has been in business for over two decades. We employ a team of experienced, skilled and fully equipped professionals. Moreover, we use the latest technology to ensure that we complete the job safely and thoroughly.

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